Patronus Technologies Announces Completion of Financing Round

September 1st, 2023, Vancouver, British Columbia – Syniad Innovations Inc (“Syniad”) is pleased to announce that one of its portfolio companies – Patronus Technologies (“Patronus”) – has secured an initial round of seed capital, supported by Canaccord.

Martin Cronin, Executive Chairman of Syniad Innovations and President of Patronus Technologies, noted: “This is a great step forward for Patronus.  Raising early-stage capital in the current market conditions is hard work, and Patronus has been really fortunate to have received such strong from Cumming Investment Strategies within Canaccord. Today’s round is an important step on the journey for building Patronus into a genuine Canadian materials-technology success story.”

About Patronus Technologies Ltd

Patronus is a Canadian-based defence materials company on a mission to protect people & property. Patronus discovers, de-risks and commercializes novel materials that are crucial for national defence and security and aligned industries.

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